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Blend of mouse +‎ musketeer, from the Mickey Mouse ears worn by the performers.


Mouseketeer (plural Mouseketeers)

  1. Any of the child or teenage performers featured in the American television variety show The Mickey Mouse Club.
    • 1982, Deirdre English, We oughta be in pictures (in Mother Jones Magazine, volume 7, number 7, August 1982)
      Yes, I became one of those confused children in the school cafeteria who failed to identify with one of the Mouseketeers; one of those who flubbed in food fights because I had not sufficiently studied my friends' mentors []
    • 1989, M J Adamson, April When They Woo
      And that cartel's got a network that makes the CIA look like Mouseketeers.
    • 2004, Robert William Kubey, Creating television
      The research for that really disturbed me because so many of the Mouseketeers were living lives of quiet desperation. They hadn't profited emotionally, or financially, or professionally.