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Mozzie (plural Mozzies)

  1. Alternative form of Mossie
    • 2011, Lewis Brandon, C. F. Rawnsley, Robert Wright, Albert Smith, Ian Smith, Night Flyer/Mosquito Pathfinder: Night Operations in World War II, page 88,
      Although the Mozzie was introduced into squadron service as a night fighter as early as 1942, and in spite of the immense and rapid developments in aircraft production on both sides during the next few years, it was still the best night fighter in use anywhere when the war ended three years later. [] They had decided to install in our beautiful Mozzies, in fact in all the first batch of Mozzies to reach squadrons, a wretched new mark of AI.

Proper noun[edit]


  1. Alternative form of Mossie
    • 2011, Peter McAra, The Vintner′s Letters, unnumbered page,
      Maurice loved her as a woman.
      ‘You know, Mozzie, I′ve been thinking about joining a practice up here when I graduate. []