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Mt. (plural Mts.)

  1. Abbreviation of mount.
    Alternative forms: Mt, mt.
  2. Abbreviation of mountain.
    • 2004, Ronald P. Legon, “Megaris, Korinthia, Sikyonia”, in Mogens Herman Hansen, Thomas Heine Nielsen, editors, An Inventory of Archaic and Classical Poleis, Oxford University Press, →ISBN, part II (Inventory of Poleis), page 463, column 1:
      Megara was situated on the Isthmus of Corinth, bounded by the Corinthian Gulf on the north, Mts. Kithairon, Pateras and Kerata on the east, separating Megarian territory from Attika and Boiotia, the Saronic Gulf on the south, and Mt. Gerania on the west, dividing Megaris and Corinthia.