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Alternative forms[edit]


Muslim +‎ -ize


Muslimize (third-person singular simple present Muslimizes, present participle Muslimizing, simple past and past participle Muslimized)

  1. (transitive) To make Muslim; to increase the Muslim character of.
    • 1845, Elliot Warburton, The Crescent and the Cross: Or, Romance and Realities of Eastern Travel, volume 1, page 310:
      These captives are all christians when caught, but are immediately Moslemised.
    • 1890, J. Scott Keltie, "What Stanley Has Done for the Map of Africa", in Science, vol. 15, no. 364, page 51:
      In 1878, two years after Gordon had been appointed governor-general of the whole Sudan, Emin Effendi (he had Moslemized himself) was appointed governor of the Equatorial Province, which he found completely disorganized and demoralized, the happy hunting-ground of the slave raider.
    • 1964, Hugh H. Smythe, "Thailand Minority Groups", in Phylon, vol. 25, no. 3, page 282:
      As for the Muslimized Malays, they live mainly in the sourthernmost changwads (provinces) that border on Malaysia, although there are small communities of them in and near Bangkok.


Derived terms[edit]