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Contracted from iníon (daughter of the descendant of).



  1. A prefix used with a woman's maiden surname
    Deirdre Cheallaigh – literally "Deirdre, daughter of a descendant of Ceallach" (anglicized form Deirdre Kelly)

Usage notes[edit]

This prefix replaces the prefix Ó found in male surnames, and triggers lenition of a following consonant. It is used by unmarried women, and by married women who have kept their maiden name. Thus Deirdre Ní Cheallaigh's father and brothers would use the surname Ó Ceallaigh.

Related terms[edit]

  • Ó (used in male names)
  • bean Uí, (used with a woman's married name)
  • Nic (used in place of the male Mac prefix)