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Alternative forms[edit]


Acronym of Node.js, Express.js, React, and databases using SQL, or a set of similar names. Attested from the late 2010s.

Proper noun[edit]


  1. (computing) A stack of technologies used to develop web applications.
    • 2018 August 22, Shawn Cheng, “Examples setup for NERDS stack”, in Medium[1]:
      I wanted to share an example of how to get NERDS (Node, Express, React, Database using SQL) stack up and running on Heroku.
    • 2020 August 9, Fullstack Staff, “5 Fabulous Feminist Coding Bootcamp Projects”, in Grace[2]:
      The app also offers data visualizations and a video chat platform for users to engage with each other.
      Built using:
      NERDS stack (Node.js, Express, React/Redux, Sequelize/PostgreSQL)
      • News API []
    • 2020 November 10, Ethan Scully, “Express.js: Courses, Training, and Other Resources”, in Career Karma[3]:
      The two most common of all JavaScript stacks that utilize Express.js are MEAN stacks and NERD stacks. Remember, these are just acronyms—please don’t be mean to nerds! [] The NERD stack is very similar. It stands for Node.js (the runtime environment; yes they moved it to the front to make the acronym more fun), Express.js (the server), React (the front end framework), and Database (this can be any database really. This is because the industry is moving away from sticking to a specific database and it makes the acronym more fun).