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Derived from the Greek form of the Hebrew נְתַנְאֵל (Netan'el), meaning "God has given".

Proper noun[edit]


  1. A male given name.
    • 1594 William Shakespeare: The Taming of the Shrew: Act IV, Scene I:
      Nathaniel's coat, sir, was not fully made,
      And Gabriel's pumps were all unpink'd i' the heel.
    • 1837 Charles Dickens, The Pickwick Papers, Chapter 34:
      ‘What’s your Christian name, Sir?’ angrily inquired the little judge. ‘Nathaniel, Sir.’ ‘Daniel—any other name?’ ‘Nathaniel, sir—my Lord, I mean.’ ‘Nathaniel Daniel, or Daniel Nathaniel?’ ‘No, my Lord, only Nathaniel —not Daniel at all.’ ‘What did you tell me it was Daniel for, then, sir?’ inquired the judge.
    • 2010 Sophie Hannah, A Room Swept White, Hodder & Stoughton, ISBN 978-0-340-98062-0, page 102:
      Marcella and Nathaniel. Now I know their names. I haven't thought much about having children, but if I did, I wouldn't give them names like that. They're the sort of names you choose if you think you're someone to be reckoned with.

Related terms[edit]