Newfoundland speed bump

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Newfoundland speed bump (plural Newfoundland speed bumps)

  1. (Canada, humorous) A moose, especially one which is in a roadway.
    • 1992 Aug. 16, Jack Schnedler, "On the Edge in Newfoundland," Chicago Sun-Times, p. 1:
      [W]e bought a widely sold poster with the caption "Newfoundland Speed Bump" above the photograph of an ornately antlered bull moose halting traffic.
    • 2009, Eric Harris, "Editor's notebook: To the Tablelands," Canadian Geographic, vol. 129, no. 5, p. 9:
      He pitched his first freelance feature to Canadian Geographic . . . a cover story about the province's plaguelike overpopulation of moose, also known as Newfoundland speed bumps.