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NoRomo (plural NoRomos)

  1. Alternative letter-case form of noromo
    • 2003, Douglas Kellner, Media Spectacle, Routledge (2003), →ISBN, pages 144-145:
      The former, called "Shippers" (i.e. those who seek a love relationship depicted), are opposed by "NoRomos," who do not want romance to take over the series.
    • 2008, Rachel Olding, "REWIND The X-Files", Sydney Morning Herald, 2 July 2008:
      Viewers also spent years trying to decipher whether there was a romantic attraction between the duo. Among the growing number of internet fan bases devoted to the relationship, subgroups of "relationshippers" and "NoRomos" emerged.
    • 2008, Marla Puente, "The Mulder-Scully fans are out there", USA Today, 23 July 2008:
      But there's some unrest among the two major types of X-Philes: The 'Shippers, who care most about the romantic relationship between Mulder and Scully, and the NoRomos, who care more about the murky mythology of the show.