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Ockham +‎ -istic


Ockhamistic (comparative more Ockhamistic, superlative most Ockhamistic)

  1. Of or pertaining to William of Ockham, 13th-14th century English Franciscan friar and scholastic philosopher.
    • 2000, Torben Braüner, Per Hasle, and Peter Øhstrøm, "Determinism and the Origins of Temporal Logic", pages 185-206 in Howard Barringer, Michael Fisher, Dov Gabbay, and Graham Gough, editors, Advances in Temporal Logic, Applied Logic Series 16, Kluwer Academic Publishers,
      Furthermore, the treatment of determinism in two of Prior's proposed temporal systems, namely the Ockhamistic and Peircean systems, is investigated.

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