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October +‎ -ly


Octoberly (comparative more Octoberly, superlative most Octoberly)

  1. (rare) Characteristic of the month of October.
    • 2000, John Towey, Recollections in Rhyme, page 57:
      The month is as Octoberly as a Persian rug But no weaver can describe it.
    • 1985, John Heath-Stubbs, The Immolation of Aleph, page 87:
      September — the Balance poises the equinox; Scorpion gives an Octoberly nip; November's centaur Archer bends His bow, and lets an arrow slip.
    • 1879, T. Moffitt, "A Strange Bird", Fun (October 29, 1879), p. 182:
      As I left, the sun's rays were Octoberly shining, For, though at their height, they were misty and wan; I returned to the spot when those rays were declining, The church was still there, but the eagle was gone.