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From earlier Ossingsing, named for the nearby Sing Sing Kill, borrowed from Dutch Sintsing, Sintsinck, from Munsee *ăsúnchung (*ăsə́nčəng), *ăshúnshung (*ăšə́nšəng, at the small stone), ăsún (ăsə́n, stone) +‎ -ush (-əš, diminutive suffix) +‎ -ung (-əng, locative suffix), from Proto-Algonquian *aʔsenya. The prison located on the site retains the older form of the name, Sing Sing.[1][2][3][4]


Proper noun[edit]

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  1. A town in Westchester County, New York State.
  2. A village, within this town; the site of Sing Sing prison.


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