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Alternative forms[edit]


Named after Antonín Panenka, a Czech football player who scored a softly-struck chipped penalty kick down the middle of the goal to win the penalty shootout in the UEFA Euro 1976 Final


Panenka (plural Panenkas)

  1. (soccer) A softly-struck chipped penalty kick into the middle of the goal.
    • 2010, Laurent Dubois, Soccer Empire: The World Cup and the Future of France[1]:
      Amazingly, in the most important football competition in the world, he had scored a penalty kick in the most risky and theatrical way possible, with what is called a panenka, after Antonín Panenka, a Czech footballer who in 1976 scored a vital penalty kick by chipping the all over the goalkeeper into the center of the net.
    • 2015, Ben Lyttleton, Twelve Yards: The Art and Psychology of the Perfect Penalty Kick[2]:
      Up stepped Pirlo, who coolly took a Panenka as Hart dived to his right.
    • 2015, Adam Hurrey, Football Clichés: Decoding the Oddball Phrases, Colorful Gestures, and Unwritten Rules of Soccer Across the Pond[3]:
      Best used for penalties that are scored in a tidy, unfussy manner – no impudent Panenkas or short runups welcome here, thanks.