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Proper noun[edit]

Peggy (plural Peggys)

  1. A diminutive of the female given name Margaret, also used as a formal given name.
    • 1956, Grace Metalious, Peyton Place (UPNE, 1999, →ISBN, Book Two, Chapter 9;
      "Peggy Fitzgerald," he had said, laughing in what he later remebered as his one and only attempt at humor with her. "Peggy Fitzgerald," he had said, in his easily remembered brogue. "Puts me in mind of me mither, an Irish lass from County Galway."
      Margaret Bunker Fitzgerald had not been amused. "You'll never get over it, will you?" she had spat at him furiously. "You'll never get over being an Irishman, a black Irish Catholic from a Boston slum. Don't you ever dare to call me Peggy again. My name is Margaret, and don't you forget it!"
    • 1996, Elizabeth McCracken, The Giant's House, page 257:
      When Caroline gave birth to another daughter, they named her Margaret Ann, after me and then Oscar's mother. They didn't realize that Peggy was my given name. Now they call her Ann, because I do.



Proper noun[edit]


  1. A female given name borrowed from English, popular in the 1970s.