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A Latinate feminine form of Philip, recorded in medieval England, but originally pronounced like the masculine form.


Proper noun[edit]


  1. A female given name.
    • 1854 John Esten Cooke, The Youth of Jefferson, Redfield (1854), page 22:
      "You detest every thing insincere, I know, charming Philippa — pardon me, your beautiful name betrays me constantly. Is it not — like your voice — stolen from poetry or music?"
    • 1963 Jane McIlvaine, Cammie's Cousin, Bobbs-Merrill, page 58:
      They had an expensive, well-cut air which was like a uniform, and their conversation was all about people with names like Terence and Geoffrey, Philippa and Vivien, who lived in London and County Wicklow and who were "terribly amusing".

Related terms[edit]




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Proper noun[edit]

Philippa f ‎(genitive Philippae); first declension

  1. A female given name, character in the play Epidicus of Plautus.


First declension.

Case Singular
nominative Philippa
genitive Philippae
dative Philippae
accusative Philippam
ablative Philippā
vocative Philippa


Proper noun[edit]

Philippa f

  1. Alternative spelling of Filipa