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A Latinate feminine form of Philip, recorded in medieval England, but originally pronounced like the masculine form.


Proper noun[edit]


  1. A female given name.
    • 1854 John Esten Cooke, The Youth of Jefferson, Redfield (1854), page 22:
      "You detest every thing insincere, I know, charming Philippa — pardon me, your beautiful name betrays me constantly. Is it not — like your voice — stolen from poetry or music?"
    • 1963 Jane McIlvaine, Cammie's Cousin, Bobbs-Merrill, page 58:
      They had an expensive, well-cut air which was like a uniform, and their conversation was all about people with names like Terence and Geoffrey, Philippa and Vivien, who lived in London and County Wicklow and who were "terribly amusing".

Related terms[edit]




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Proper noun[edit]

Philippa f ‎(genitive Philippae); first declension

  1. A female given name, character in the play Epidicus of Plautus.


First declension.

Number Singular Plural
nominative Philippa Philippae
genitive Philippae Philippārum
dative Philippae Philippīs
accusative Philippam Philippās
ablative Philippā Philippīs
vocative Philippa Philippae