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Pimms (plural Pimms)

  1. Alternative form of Pimm's
    • 1974, John Mellors, Shots in the Dark, London Magazine Editions, page 89:
      The Harbour Bar was full of Royal Navy officers with debby girls. The debbiest took McKinley and me sailing, and afterwards we drank tankards of Pimms in the Yacht Club.
    • 1991, Meanjin, page 105:
      Sonya had ordered a Pimms; she had actually called it a ‘Pimm’, and had to be corrected by the young waiter. Marie remembered Sonya’s Pimms as a rather complicated drink which came with slices of orange and cucumber, a maraschino cherry, and a plastic stick for stirring.
    • 2001, Hugh Thomson, The White Rock: An Exploration of the Inca Heartland, Phoenix, published 2010, →ISBN:
      Drinks were regularly sold short – particularly Pimms, which could be served ready-mixed and was one of the few jobs of work Albert insisted on doing himself. [] The pub sold a lot of Pimms: it was in the sleazy shadow of Fulham where the criminals liked to pretend to be flash and the Sloanes pretended to be low-life. They combined well and the evenings were riots of exchanged gambling information, Pimms, pool and vodka doubles.