Pope Julius

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Alternative forms[edit]


Unknown. Presumably named after Pope Julius II, the Warrior Pope.

Proper noun[edit]

Pope Julius

  1. (obsolete) A sixteenth-century gambling card game about which little is known.
    • 1525, John Skelton, Speke, Parrot[1]:
      Of Pope Julius cardys he ys chefe cardynall.
    • 1532 November 30, Privy Purse Expences of King Henry VIII, 30 Novembre 1532:
      Item the laste day delived unto the kings grace whiche his grace lost at pope July game wt my lady marquess and m Weston xvj cor
    • c. 1596, Sir John Harington, A Treatise on Playe, quoted in Nugae antiquae, published 1804:
      Pope Julio (if I fail not in the name, and sure I am that there is a game of the cards after his name) was a great and wary player, a great vertue in a man of his profession