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Borrowed from Russian РЭБ (RƐB), abbreviation of радиоэлектронная борьба (radioelektronnaja borʹba, radio-electronic combat).


REB (uncountable)

  1. (chiefly in a Russian context) electronic warfare and related techniques, equipment, or troops.
    • 2012, “A Slovenian Perspective on Cyber Warfare,” in Daniel Ventre, ed., Cyber Conflict: Competing National Perspectives, London: John Wiley & Sons, →ISBN:
      Even though the relationship between the Information Troops and the existing REB Troops is not completely clear, REB Troops were one of the few elements of the Russian forces whose performance did not suffer intense cricisism
      [note] REB Troops are the Voyska radioelektronnoy bor’by, or Voyska REB — the Russian military’s electronic warfare branch.
    • 2003, Anne C. Aldis; Roger N. McDermott eds., Russian Military Reform 1992–2002, London: Frank Cass Publishers, →ISBN:
      The Russian command created groupings of radio-electronic combat (REB) forces designed to work at the tactical control level. During the First Chechen War, REB forces experienced a narrow frequency range for their equipment and an insufficient level of automation.
    • 1992, Warship International, v 29, Rutland, Mass.: International Naval Research Organization, p 210:
      The development of a nuclear-powered ship with a standard-displacement of a 75,000–80,000 tons with an aircraft fleet of “No less than 7 LAk [carrier-based aircraft],” which included fighter aircraft, ground attack aircraft, and ASW, RTR [radio-relay support], REB [electronic warfare], and RLD [radar picket] aircraft and various types of helicopters.