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Russian rhymes[edit]

  • Rhymes in Wiktionary are organized using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). See Wiktionary:IPA pronunciation key for examples demonstrating the sound that each IPA symbol makes. See Help:IPA for Russian on Wikipedia for examples of how the IPA can be used to represent the sounds of Russian.
  • To find rhymes for a word:
    • determine which vowel is stressed in the word,
    • find the sound in the table below, which gives examples of words containing each of the vowel sounds of Russian,
    • and follow the appropriate link.
Letter Sound Example
а, я /a/ мама, лава, чары
и /i/ литр, магазин, один
о, ё /o/, /ɵ/ дом, норма, корона
у, ю /u/ зуб, минута, тут
е, э /e/, /ɛ/ нет, вена, лес
ы /ɨ/ стыд, шишка, конституция

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