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Blend of Rust +‎ crustacean



Rustacean (plural Rustaceans)

  1. (programming, informal) A user of the Rust programming language.
    • 2019, Steve Klabnik, Carol Nichols, The Rust Programming Language, page 137:
      New Rustaceans commonly get stuck on strings for a combination of three reasons: []
    • 2019, Rahul Sharma, Vesa Kaihlavirta, Mastering Rust, page 210:
      We covered a whole lot of ground here in a subject that's probably the heaviest to grasp for a new Rustacean.
    • 2020, Shing Lyu, Practical Rust Projects, page 154:
      You'll find that the Rust community loves to track the progress of a certain area using their “Are We X Yet” sites. This is a tradition from the Mozilla community, which many Rustaceans are also involved in.