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Sīrija (Eirāzijā)
Sīrijas karogs


Via other European languages, ultimately a borrowing from Latin Syria (adapted to fit Latvian patterns, +‎ -ija), itself a borrowing from Ancient Greek Συρία ‎(Suría), perhaps a shortened form of Ἀσσυρία ‎(Assuría), possibly from Akkadian Ashshur, the name of the chief city of the Assyrian kingdom, and also of the main Assyrian deity.


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Proper noun[edit]

Sīrija f ‎(4th declension)

  1. Syria (country in the Middle East in Asia, with Damascus as its capital)
    Sīrijas karogs — the flag of Syria
    Sīrijas valdība — the government of Syria
    Sīrija ir valsts ĀzijāSyria is a country in Asia



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