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  1. (Australia, law enforcement) South Australia Police.
    • 2003, Canberra Law Review, Volumes 7-8, page 112,
      For example, the SAPOL Police Security Services Division (a service designed to act in competition with private providers) mentions, in its Strategic Plan 1998-2003, its similarity with SAPOL as an advantage.
    • 2003, South Australian Supreme Court, The South Australian State Reports[1], volume 87, page 482:
      When information is provided to SAPOL and it is considered by the officer receiving the information that it is necessary that the identity of the informant and the information be kept confidential, it is the practice of SAPOL officers to give an assurance of confidentiality.
    • 2005, Laurence J. Alison, The Forensic Psychologist′s Casebook[2], page 126:
      The data were acquired from sworn serving SAPOL police officers. To collect data for this study a submission was made to SAPOL′s Officer in Charge of Policy and Project Services.