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Acronym for "Sorry mate, I didn't see you."



  1. (UK, Australia) Sorry mate, I didn′t see you.
    • 2017, CJ Moseley, The Wrath of Atlantis: With Strange Aeons:
      SMIDSY?” Rich chuckled, “Yeah, car pulled out into me, then literally as the guy got out and looked at me lying on the road he said,'Sorry mate, I didn't see you,' S-M-I-D-S-Y.”



  1. An accident in which a larger vehicle hits a motorcycle or bicycle because the driver did not see the cyclist.
    • 2010, Matt Croucher, Flash Point[1], page 13:
      The motorist claimed Smidsy after the crash — ‘Sorry mate I didn't see you’.
    • 2014, Kevin Williams, Tarmac Tactics:
      Bike instructor buddy Malcolm Palmer noted a few years ago that: "most SMIDSYs happen in urban situations, when the bike is travelling at 30 or under.
    • 2017, Kevin Williams, Survival Skills, page 21:
      Most riders come back and talk about their SMIDSY collisions and cornering spills but we hardly ever hear firt-hand about overtaking crashes.

Usage notes[edit]

The acronym is used by motorcyclists and cyclists in reference to traffic collisions in which the driver of a car or larger vehicle claims not to have noticed a two-wheel biker. It is usually derogatory, in that the claim is often that the driver was not at fault (when they patently were).

A related usage by the UK government is LBFTS (looked but failed to see).[1]

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