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Schwarzenegger +‎ -esque


Schwarzeneggeresque (comparative more Schwarzeneggeresque, superlative most Schwarzeneggeresque)

  1. (rare) Reminiscent of Arnold Schwarzenegger (1947-), muscular actor cast in many violent roles, or the action films in which he starred.
    • 1997, Robert Silverberg, Reflections and refractions:
      In a free-market economy there will always be more cash customers for Schwarzeneggeresque tales of violent conflict...
    • 2005, Thomas Incledon, Matthew Hoffman, Men's health maximum muscle plan
      Obviously, no one becomes Schwarzeneggeresque in a few days — or a few months. That kind of build takes work, a lot of it.
    • 2008, Nevada Barr, Endangered Species:
      In his mind's eye he'd seen himself hauling the perpetrator off in chains after a suitably Schwarzeneggeresque rescue of the imperiled heroine.

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