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Blend of sense +‎ surround


Sensurround (uncountable)

  1. An audio process for motion pictures using low-frequency sound to produce physical sensations in an audience.
    • 1977 December, “Rolling and reeling with Sensurround”, in New Scientist[1], page 771:
      The object of Sensurround is to subject the audience to such high levels of such low frequency sound that they feel as well as hear the sound waves.
    • 2002, Todd Gitlin, Media Unlimited: How the Torrent of Images and Sounds Overwhelms Our Lives[2], →ISBN, page 115:
      Who is against upgrades, jump cuts, more channels, better speakers, the Sensurround pleasure dome of everyday life?
    • 2006, Nancy Martin, Have Your Cake and Kill Him Too[3], →ISBN, page 129:
      For Libby, hysterics were an MGM Technicolor production in Dolby Sound and Sensurround.
    • 2010, Eve Zibart with Lea Lane and Aaron Starmer, The Unofficial Guide to New York City[4], →ISBN, page 455:
      Upstairs, you enter a cavernous ballroom, like a junior high school auditorium taken over by aliens with superior technology—featuring amazing lighting tricks and a Sensurround–style bass response that makes your chest feel as if it's going to explode.