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Proper noun[edit]

Sesame Street

  1. A television show for children on PBS, associated with politically correct educational content.
    • 1996, Laurie Gunst, Born Fi' Dead: A Journey Through the Jamaican Posse Underworld, page 171:
      She parked the car on Rogers Avenue, which she called "Sesame Street," "for the unpredictable theatrics of its inhabitants."
    • 2002, Joan Elizabeth Lloyd, If it Feels Good: Using the Five Senses to Enhance Your Lovemaking, page 39:
      A friend of mine described it as "Sesame Street" for adults and that's not a bad characterization.
    • 2003, William C. Doster, Elizabeth Schmid, Adrian W. Poitras, Ruth Ward, How to Prepare for the CLEP, page 96:
      The Sesame Street Generation, as some teachers are calling the group of children now in high school, know their numbers and the letters of the alphabet.
    • 2003, Vonette Z. Bright, Nancy Moser The Sister Circle, page 124:
      "You can't do that if your time is consumed with patty-cake and Sesame Street." Summer turned toward Tessa. "I'm too old for Sesame Street. I know my ABCs."
    • a. 2005, Alex Irvine, "Pictures from an Expedition", in Gordon Van Gelder, ed., Fourth Planet from the Sun: Tales of Mars from The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction (2005), page 253:
      It means that even when we go to Mars, we have to look like the cast of Sesame Street.
    • 2005, Kevin O'Brien, The Last Victim, page 86:
      Bridget slipped into the room, which had been decorated with a Sesame Street motif.
    • 2007 October 24, Benedict Carey, "New studies suggest sleep is vital to learning and memory", International Herald Tribune (France):
      The task looks as simple as a "sesame street" exercise. Study pairs of Easter eggs on a computer screen and memorize how the computer has arranged them [].
    • 2007 November 9, > music: emerging artists > watch now: cazwell's "watch my UK:
      "i wanted 'sesame street' on acid and that's pretty much what i got."
    • 2007 November 13, SUN Weekend (Antigua and Barbuda):
      [I]n Sesame Street style one kept saying “pea” while the other countered “nut” both words just began to blend until they came up with “peanut”.
    • 2007 November 18 (Sunday), Joann Klimkiewicz, "Fugheddaboud what you think you know about Brooklyn", The Hartford Courant:
      Find the park's western edge and spill out into aptly named Park Slope -- a crown jewel of Brooklyn neighborhoods. Its tree-lined streets, romantic brownstones and cozy cafes emanate a family-friendly, Sesame Street vibe.


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