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Blend of shit +‎ Chicago

Proper noun[edit]


  1. (US, vulgar, derogatory, offensive) Chicago.
    • 2012, Tom Richmond, The Favored (→ISBN), page 163:
      “You're that nosy reporter from Shitcago aren't you? Why don't you take your little dog and get your asses back where you belong.”
    • 2013, Jeff Gulvin, The Procession (Open Road Media, →ISBN):
      'I seen GD in the Quarter,' another kid said. 'I told them to git back to Shitcago where they belong.'
    • 2018, Ralph D. Fertig, A Passion for Justice: One Man’s Dedication to Civil Rights (Dorrance Publishing, →ISBN), page 91:
      I went to the little heap of paperbacks, found the Bible, and tried to ignore the mumbling of the other prisoners, speculating on my likely being "one a-them coon-sucking perverts from Shitcago" when we were ordered back into our cells[.]