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Blend of Snape +‎ Harry.

Proper noun[edit]


  1. (fandom slang) The ship of characters Harry Potter and Severus Snape of the Harry Potter series.
    • 2004 December 31, barbarella [username], “Re: That Was The Year That Was 2004”, in aus.culture.gothic, Usenet[1]:
      Best Excuse for a Wandering Mind: SNARRY!, Jason Isaacs, Alan Rickman
    • 2009, David Templeton, "One geek over the line", Pacific Sun, 17 July 2009:
      "Snarry is part of a subgenre of fan fiction called Slash," she says. "Snarry depicts romantic relationships between Harry Potter and Severus Snape, together - Snarry. []
    • 2009, Lev Grossman, "Notes from Azkatraz, a Harry Potter Convention", Time, 22 July 2009:
      Snarry slash people (ie people who write fan fiction about Snape and Harry getting it on till the break o’dawn) are super-intense. Seriously that is one rich, rich subculture.
    • For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:Snarry.