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Coined in 1930, for a favorite horse owned by the Mars family.



Snickers (plural Snickers)

  1. A popular chocolate bar produced by the Mars company, with a peanut, caramel and nougat filling.
    • 1987, Jo Ann Algermissen, Couple Diamonds, page 78:
      From his expression, it seemed that the only thing of importance taking place in the room was his deciding between a Snickers and a Babe Ruth!
    • 1990, Page McBrier, The Press Mess, page 23:
      "Yep," said Robin, reaching into the cooler for a diet soda and a Snickers.
    • 2001, Grant Guimont, A Carousel of Sorts: The Cynic's Secret Guide to Ultimate Happiness, page 269:
      He saw humans feed them something called a Snickers, and he could feel the pain of those same deer as their stomachs twisted and contorted, but they came back for more of these Snickers.
    • 2005, Ed Broth, Stories from a Moron: Real Stories Rejected by Real Magazines, page 135:
      They just filled up their cars, threw away a Kleenex, grabbed a Snickers, shook out a dress, and washed up.
    • 2007, Hugh Prior, They Flew So High, page 149:
      You can hop out of bed, visit the bathroom (and grin in the mirror), make a nice cup of tea, grab a Snickers and return to bed to daydream the morn away.
    • 2008, Eric B. Wechter, Fodor's Pacific Northwest, page 554:
      Save room for such desserts as Snickers pie or tiramisu for two.
    • 2012, Peter Sinn Nachtrieb, Bob: A Life in Five Acts, page 24:
      BOB. Jeanine used to pull out a Snickers from her purse every time we hit a snag, like when there was four hours of traffic to get to Hoover Dam, when I got a B on a chemistry test, or when we got to the Michelle Kwan Museum and it was closed for renovation. I could really use a Snickers right now.


  • Marathon (previous brand name, no longer used)

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