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space age (plural space ages)

  1. The period from the about the time of the launch of Sputnik in 1957 to the present day, during which man ventured into space.
    • 1985, Peter Brigg, J.G. Ballard, page 25:
      There are six other Ballard stories and a fragment that deal with space in the early stories, but most of them confirm Ballard's own opinion that the space age is over in the public imagination.
    • 2006, Gerard J. De Groot, Dark Side of the Moon: The Magnificent Madness of the American Lunar Quest, page 259:
      When the space age ended, the alien age began. In the early 1990s, the Disney Corporation decided to close down its Mission to Mars ride
    • 2011 July 21, “Good-bye to the Space Age?”, in New York Magazine:
      But for now, it's hard not to feel like the space age is over. It never really looked anything like the Jetsons promised.
  2. (attributive) Redolent of the space age; appearing futuristic or modern.
    • 2001, Frank A. Salamone, Popular culture in the fifties, page 142:
      A nation on the move needed a space age motif to express its enthusiasm.
    • 2001 November 11, “Smooth operator”, in Las Vegas Review-Journal:
      With its retro 1950s image of Space Age design, Maloof hopes his hotel-casino will become the city's latest hot spot
    • 2012 January 9, “Dodge Dart returns at Detroit Auto Show, 36 years after...”, in Christian Science Monitor:
      The Dodge Dart has long held a place in automotive lore for its sleek, space-age design and 16-year run as Chrysler's ultimate compact car, ending in 1976.