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Blend of Spanish +‎ English

Proper noun[edit]

  • Tonight, we’re eating langosta y mariscos for dinner y después vamos al teatro to see the opera.
  • ¡Él me quiquió! (he kicked me)


  1. A language blend of English and Spanish spoken by both Latinas, Latinos, and Anglo-Americans.
    Synonyms: Espanglish, espanglés, pocho
    • 2021 November 23, John McWhorter, “America Has More Than One Spanglish”, in The New York Times[1], ISSN 0362-4331:
      The Nobel laureate Octavio Paz is said to have had it that Spanglish is “neither good, nor bad, but abominable.”
  2. The mixing of Spanish and English together in a sentence.
    His Spanglish was quite embarrassing when he said he was "embarazado".


See also[edit]

  • Alemañol (mixture of German and Spanish)
  • Chinglish (mixture of English and Chinese)
  • Denglisch, Germish (mixture of English and German)
  • Franglais (mixture of English and French)
  • Hinglish (mixture of English and Hindi)
  • Portuñol (mixture of Portuguese and Spanish)
  • Llanito (mixture of English and Spanish in Gibraltar)

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