Spy Wednesday

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From the idea that Judas Iscariot was spying on Jesus before betraying him. The Middle Irish equivalent, Cédaín in Braith ["Wednesday of Betrayal" or "Spy Wednesday"], is attested in the 15th-century Leabhar Breac.[1]


Spy Wednesday (plural Spy Wednesdays)

  1. (Ireland, Catholicism) Holy Wednesday
    • 1844 March 30, "Order of Service in Holy Week." Bengal Catholic Herald Vol.VI No.13 p.174
      CATHEDRAL. Spy-Wednesday—Evening Office of Tenebrae, at 5½ o'clock.
    • 1974 January 23, Seamus de Burca, "Peadar Kearney (1883–1942)" Dublin Historical Record (Old Dublin Society) Vol. 28, No. 2, pp. 42–56 : 49:
      On Spy Wednesday 1916 Thomas McDonagh gave B Company, 2nd Battalion, Irish Volunteers a pep talk.



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