Stink Face

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Alternative forms[edit]


Stink Face (plural Stink Faces)

  1. (wrestling) A humiliating wrestling move in which a wrestler rubs their exposed buttocks in their opponent's face.
    • 2001, Floyd Conner, Wrestling's Most Wanted[1]:
      Her low point came when she was the unlucky recipient of a “Stink Face” administered by Rikishi.
    • 2002, Mick Foley, Foley is Good [2]
      What I have in mind for Al is the literary equivalent of Mr. Socko, The Worm, The Stink Face, The Ho Train, and The People’s Elbow all being delivered simultaneously, and the effect will be devastating.
    • 2003, Patrice A Oppliger, Wrestling and Hypermasculinity [3]
      A character named “Puke,” who can vomit on command, X-Pac urinating in an opponents boot, and Rikishi’s “stink face” (i.e., rubbing his massive rear in the face of another wrestler) are examples of attempts to boost wrestling ratings.