T. Rex

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T. Rex (plural T. Rexes)

  1. (informal) Alternative spelling of T. rex
    • 2004, Jodi Picoult, My Sister's Keeper, page 374:
      I mean, not only are they found on Australia alone, like some kind of mutant evolutionary strain—they have the eyes of deer and the useless paws of a T. Rex.
    • 2007, Douglas Preston, Tyrannosaur Canyon, page 105:
      In this body of water lived a predator even bigger than she, the fifty-foot-long crocodilian known as Deinosuchus, the only animal capable of killing a T. Rex unwise enough to venture into the wrong body of water in pursuit of prey.
    • 2008, Victoria Minnich, Question Reality: An Investigation of Self-Humans-Environment, Part 2, page 454:
      [I]f Terra introduced some T. Rexes from Cocos island in Jurassic Park, that would be considered kind of “unethical,” so might as well do it through government.