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Russian is an East Slavic language and OCS was a South Slavic language. I think Russian isn't descendant of it. 21:11, 13 February 2008 (UTC)

OCS was not spoken, but literary language intended to function as a supratribal pan-Slavic medium, and you can't really say any Slavic language "descended" from it, in a sense that e.g. Romance languages descended from Latin. OTOH, to the extent it corresponds to Late Proto-Slavic (spoken ~600 A.D.), you can say it descended from LPSl. forms attested in OCS. See the transliteration of OCS бъіти (bŭiti) and LPSl. byti listed in it's =Etymology= section - they're identical. And not only that - the whole conjugation is too (I think). South-Slavic-only innovations that OCS canon exhibits are trivial to trace back to LPSl., and really numerically minor when you compare them to the number of lexemes of OCS that are identical to LPSl. ones.
Anyway, the comment is appropriate (and this was already discussed partially a while back at the talk page of some other OCS entry), but until a few hundred pages are added in the Appendix: namespace (see Category:Proto-Slavic language - only nouns for now :), it's OK to list them as descendants of OCS. --Ivan Štambuk 22:00, 13 February 2008 (UTC)