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The interjection section says that haw is 'An instruction for a horse or other animal to turn left' but further down the page the verb sections says it means 'To turn right or cause to turn right.'.

Personally I'm not familiar with this meaning of the word and I don't have a horse available to try it out on, so which is it left or right?

Etymology unknown[edit]

Take Our Word For It says haw < hey or hayte, but Random House Dictionary says haw < hawen or hawian. There is no hàwian on Wiktionary but it's cognate to cavere. Are there Germanic cognates? Webster's Online Dictionary says nothing for haw for horses, but has hühott, hu, huhau, and hue, at gee. Are these the same haw or are they whoa, from ho? Lysdexia 21:50, 11 July 2011 (UTC)