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I read in the book "Buzz Cut" by James Hall (Mandarin Paperbacks, 1997) the following passage: ' "Abracadabra," the man said. "It's from the Hebrew ab, which means father, and ben, which is son, and ruach acadash, which is the holy spirit. [...]" ' (Page 54)

Can't find anything anywhere to support this, but would suppose an international author and publishing house would have checked this first, as the character is a supposed etymology freak. Anybody able to confirm this etymological theory?

OED is skeptical about our etymology; they say "no documentation has been found to support any of the various conjectures which have been put forward" and toss around Latin, Greek, Sumerian, Thracian, Hebrew and Aramaic conjectures, though not specifically mentioning any of ours.--Prosfilaes 02:53, 25 July 2011 (UTC)