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Question: What is troc French for? Which definition does it pertain to? I don't think we can simply have a ==Translations== section. To be useful translations need to be indexed to the actual English definition. --mav

Troc is for exchange of good without money. I hope that template would come soon. You're right it may cause problems whith polysemic words (a word whith several meanings) -- Youssefsan
Unless somebody is going to run a bot soon, I think it is OK, in fact best, that we just experiment and see what is going to work with all the things we want to do. Wiktionary is going to be far more than just a dictionary so we need to work on developing a great template - this will take time for us to work to bugs out. We also need to figure out what our primary sources will be for all the information types we want to have. I personaly like WordNet's dictionary (this is what I have been using) but I'm not sure if their license will work with the GNU FDL. --mav

Question: Is it technically possible to make a link to wiktionaries in other languages? It would be interesting to discover the difficult problem of the ethymology of this word through them. -- olivierChaussavoine