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Youssefsan nickname of Oualmakran Youssef used on wikis, emails and for several logins.


Youssef + san (= Japanese particle showing respect, often translated by Sir, Madam...). The nickname was coined to show that Youssef was studying Japanese and because Youssef thought nobody would use it since nobody used "san" when referring to himself.


Youssefsan is known for his poor English (well he makes some efforts) and for his bad spelling (he do'nt like to read twice what he write and show previeuws)

You can find more information about me on (in French)


I am Oualmakran Youssef, a student in Belgium. I study (well when I go to school) translation in Belgium (French, English, Spanish). I also can understand most of Dutch and I know very few of Japanese.

I am a regular contributor in the french wiki and ocasionaly on the Spanish wiki.


Articles that I have created Any help welcome

Sorry, I find that the by topic page is not very user-friendly ... So I put there here for the moment.

This list is just for helping me

ALPAC - BBVA - chairman - chiapaneco - civil society - coal crude - EBITDA - energy - enterprise union - global civil society - Japan Socialist Party - Pre-Columbian - primary energy - SCH - Trade union - umbrella - white-collar


billion - Economics - peso - tighten - think-tank

English words

World Exposition

Words of everyday

Because - feet - head - hunting - safety valve

Spanish common words

estar - ser


Rebuilding the Japanese Archipelago


I am looking for the French translations of these words. Any help very welcome.

hints : 1953, Nissan

Words that I should use more often[edit]

  • tissu industriel
  • porté au rand de priorité national
  • cercles de qualité
  • orchestrer la reconstruction de ...


Personal notes for my school work on Japan[edit]


  • secouée par des turbulences.


  • géant économique


  • formule




  • facteurs immunosuppresseurs
  • pathologie immunitaire
  • virologues

Colloquial in Mexico[edit]

chingon - ese