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Hi Wikipedian,

I would like to include a multilingual dictionary of economics. I'd like to include a lot of words concerning economics.

The pages will at the beggining mostly contain only the English word and a translation to French and Spanish.

Does anybody have objections ?



Words about economics are as much a part of the language as words about any other topic. There's no reason for anybody to object to your proposal.
As a matter of practical usage, you probably did not put your question in the right place. Putting it where you did risked that nobody would have seen it. The most usual thing that goes onto user talk pages is answers and comments that people want to say to you. There are three routes for asking questions:
  1. On a general discussion page when you want to ask something of the whole community,
  2. On a subject talk page when you want to ask about a particular article, and
  3. On a personal talk page when you want to ask something of a particular person.
Welcome and Happy contributing! Eclecticology 21:05 Dec 18, 2002 (UTC)

I just saw your contribution at LPD. Shouldn't this be at LDP? Eclecticology 20:53 Jan 2, 2003 (UTC)

Yes off course. I made a mix between the French and English name. I should be more carefull - Youssefsan

Hello Youssefsan, may I draw your attention to a minor, but not unimportant matter in a dictionary. Whenever you use a colon (:), you tend to leave a space between the previous word and the colon. Although this is correct in French, it is not in English. There should be no space between that word and the colon. (You have done it a few times in Wikipedia too, where I corrected it.) Thanks! D.D. 14:41 Feb 17, 2003 (UTC)

Hello Youssefsan. Nice of you to greet me as I am lonely in real life (no biggie, I have a few friends that get me by). I've been writing to Wikipedia for a couple of days and I'm already totally addicted (I use a different user name there).

I think that the technological infrastructure for wikipedia is just great, but I feel that Wiktionary requires more advanced software and more clearly defined syntax for articles in order to avoid unnecessary manual editing to achieve what the goal is, a multilingual dictionary and thesaurus in all languages. I'll try to make some notes on my page to outline what I have in mind. I'd really appreciate if you'd check them out sometime and discuss before I post them to the Wiktionary:Beer_parlour

BTW: I'm also really interested in economics, since there are people dying of hunger, just because they don't have the financial resources to purchase nutrition and logistics for the nutrition. It's a shame.

Juho 19:57 Feb 21, 2003 (UTC)

Hi Youssef, I just added a bunch of word from the field of economics to Wiktionary:By_topic. Let's get to work!

- Juho 17:17 Feb 22, 2003 (UTC)

Hi Youssef. You're not doing a very complete job on some words that you've added. win and drink are also nouns besides verbs. No biggie though... we need more advanced software before this Wiktionary-editing stuff adds up to more then a way to pass time. --Juho 19:01 Mar 3, 2003 (UTC)

If you have some free time, please go check out this "little" project I've started . It's running Wikipedia software. The aim is to give consumers more power in market economy to quell rampant capitalism that is ruining this planet and making people miserable. --Juho 15:04 Mar 15, 2003 (UTC)

Hello again Youssef. I changed my nick from Juho to Juxo so I can use it more widely, since it is not taken in most internet sites. Been busy with Consumerium. I come here just to "relax". It's nice to do accomplish something that is atomic (eg. a translation)

I noticed that you write French instead of French, which is not a good practice since then when we get more advanced wiki software it'll be easier to determine articles already translated to some language. Even one can look at "what links here" on the French page to do the inverse (see what is already "done").

I hope to collaborate with you on the economics words. Nice to be back Juxo 11:08 Jun 28, 2003 (UTC)

Youssef, you may be interested to note that there is now a definition of successism in Wiktionary. I am curious where you found it, in the first place. It's certainly not very common! Maybe you could add a quotation or improve the definition. --Dvortygirl 09:08, 31 Oct 2003 (UTC)


I spotted your question at Talk:avatar but thought it would be more likely you would spot the answer here. Avatar is not normally synonymous with smiley, it sounds like the context you are asking about might be forums on the internet or other similar things, the avatar in this case would be the image that the user has next to their name, as opposed to the signature image which would be below each post. A smiley is of course the little inline emoticon that people enjoy including :) - TheDaveRoss 00:35, 23 March 2006 (UTC)