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You can catch me best at

Juho from Finland (UTC+2). Geek with a diffrence, CS drop-out. Talk to me.

Right now I'm into:

Thoughts on improving syntax and software for wikipedia[edit]

Semi-Automatic Vandalism Detection (SAVD)[edit]

Wheew. There's just so much to do in developing Wiktionary.

Translation interest:

  • Economics
  • What ever I run into that I can translate without doubt or risk of error

I started contributing on 21.02.2003, because I believe that having a fairly complete free multilingual dictionary in every language will make the World a better place.

I'll do mostly English-Finnish-English, maybe some other stuff too.

I know Finnish and English well.
I know moderatelly Swedish and Russian
I know some in French and German

I believe that by the year 2023, Wiktionary will be the dictionary of the planet.