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First Comment[edit]

Isn't the picture just a tad irrelevant? Would there be a picture of a ball of yarn on a "string theory" page?

This is a great word for Wiktionary, regional slang that otherwise might go misunderstood or not understood at all. But the picture just seems pointless. --BDD 23:17, 22 Mar 2005 (UTC)

I've heard, but can't verify, nor do I know how to properly format and place it in the wiktionary system, about something called "Double Coyote Ugly". Coyote Ugly is so ugly that you'd gnaw your own arm off in the morning so you don't wake her up after the one night stand. Double Coyote Ugly is so ugly that you gnaw off the other arm so she can't come looking for the matching one of the arm left behind. It seems dumb to put it in it's own entry, but as a demarcation thing, it seems to be more important. But I don't know. - Schnerf

That was in there, but it was all a mess of unsourced folk etymology; I've removed the whole section. Equinox 20:31, 26 May 2014 (UTC)