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Under fold#Verb it states that "crease" is a synonym to the verb, but here that verb sense is missing... \Mike 14:59, 6 August 2008 (UTC)


Found in the 1660s as altered from creast "a ridge[8]," possibly a variant of crest[7] (n.), via meaning "a fold in a length of cloth" (in the mid 15th century) which produced a crest. There is no evidence of a connection with Breton KRIZ[2] (a wrinkle), partly because of the excrescent 't'; and for the same reason, German KRÄUSE[3] (crisped, curly, crinkled) is discounted, that could possibly be related to the Breton and Cornish words, if they are not borrowed from English.

[0] means 'Absolutely not; [1] means 'Exceedingly unlikely'; [2] means 'Very dubious'; [3] means 'Questionable'; [4] means 'Possible'; [5] means 'Probable'; [6] means 'Likely'; [7] means 'Most Likely' or *Unattested; [8] means 'Attested'; [9] means 'Obvious' - only used for close matches within the same language or dialect, at linkable periods.

Andrew H. Gray 16:44, 1 January 2016 (UTC) Andrew (talk)