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In my experience of British English,

noun 1 "frig" never refers to fridge, which would be a laughable/shocking mistake.

noun 2 "frig" refers to masturbation, and not to copulation.

Neither of the alleged exclamations is in common use.

I expect this is a 'leg'-pull, rather than a transcultural mistake? [UNSIGNED]

Hardly. The noun "frig" (pronounced fridge) is a common contraction of "refrigerator", eg, in Australia, and is unrelated to the verb frig (masturbate). Any linkage of frigging with copulation is misguided, probably taking the erroneous view that "frig" is a euphemism for "fuck". A definitive authority is the very explicit Victorian journal My Secret Life in which the term occurs over 100 times. The word may indeed be seldom encountered in polite common usage but enjoys a very healthy currency in rowdier circles, eg, in popular bawdy songs such as the refrain Frigging in the rigging. Cheers, Bjenks 11:20, 10 February 2011 (UTC)