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My favorite words:

--- Non-English:

Words I like that aren't in Wiktionary:

Early Cyrillic letter O.svg


  • Walking timebomb
  • leolc
  • Emulatrix
  • gul​lible
  • biopic
  • My favorite number: 517482 (because it is 666 * 777)
  • fear fright afraid (frica)

LEAST favorite words:

  • OB/GYN because it's not even an acronym

Words of English origin with Latin affixes:

this list exlcudes -er, which is often believed to have come over the Alps into proto-Germanic and thus be technically Latin. Also excludes -able, which is not that old but has been in English for long enough that I didnt even notice it until now.


  • drenovation, a new generation of a product that has been improved from previous versions


  1. ^ German for "semen" or "seed" ... amazingly not a loanword!
  2. ^ a cross between symptomatic, emblematic, and symbolistic. I *think* I created this word indepdently (not saying I invented it first, just that I didnt take it from anyone else). As of July 15 2010 it gets 139 hits on Google, and likely more if variant spellings are added. (But really this word is better used in speech, where you can speak quickly and people will not even realize it's not a word.) Now apparently used by Donald Trump!!
  3. ^ Programming code spilling out onto a place where it shouldnt be. I may have been the first person to invent this word and have seen other people using it now.
  4. ^ Someone suggested to me that it means retina, and it seems that makes sense, but it may also have a secondary meaning based on translating a particular Japanese word that also has two meanings. Possibly a condom, based on the idea that retinas and condoms are both stretchable membranes?