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Etymology 1[edit]


Alternative forms[edit]


cran (plural crans or cran)

  1. (obsolete) A measure of herrings, either imprecise or sometimes legally specified.
    • 1800 Dec., Sir Richard Phillips, The Monthly magazine, Volume 10, No. 66, page 486:
      Very flattering indeed has been the success of the fishermen; and many boats have come in loaded, averaging thirty or forty crans each (every cran estimated at 1,000 herrings), and disposed of their cargoes at nine shillings per cran; but the price has been since raised to fifteen shillings.
    • 1960, Ewan MacColl, BBC radio ballad Singing the Fishing:
      [] And fish the knolls on the North Sea Holes
      And try your luck at the North Shields Gut
      With a catch of a hundred cran.
  2. (obsolete, rare, by extension) A barrel made to hold such a measure.

Etymology 2[edit]


cran (plural crans)

  1. (music) An embellishment played on the lowest note of a chanter of a bagpipe, consisting of a series of grace notes produced by rapid sequential lifting of the fingers of the lower hand.




From créner.



cran m (plural crans)

  1. notch
  2. (firearm) safety catch
  3. (belt) hole
  4. (hair) wave
  5. (colloquial) guts, bottle, courage
    • Ce garçon a du cran, pour oser sauter en parachute.

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