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Alternative forms[edit]


slumber +‎ -some


slumbersome (comparative more slumbersome, superlative most slumbersome)

  1. Characterised or marked by slumber; sleepy.
    • 1892, Walter Pater, Plato and Platonism.
      Stimulus, or correction,— one hardly knows which to ask for first, as more salutary for our own slumbersome, yet so self-willed, northern temperaments.
    • 2015, Paul Easter, Consciousness Before Conscience:
      Flashing lights and sirens ring incredulously one slumber-some December night as baby is tucked in tight while mommy and daddy were going on like it was Saturday fight night.
    • 2015, Madeline McCully, Derry Folk Tales:
      He was sitting on the shore, his back against a rock, and slipping into such a slumbersome frame of mind that he nearly fell asleep.