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Etymology proposed by (talk):

The only ever recorded case of a human giving birth to an animal was in 1369, Mary Bunniwell of Hampshire was unable to conceive with her husband Eric F Lopsy and being a superstitious lady she rubbed a rabbits foot on her vagina. Miraculously one month later she was diagnosed as pregnant. This was before the invention of ultrasound and doctors, so she got the local priest to use sound ( a primitive version of ultrasound). The priest listened and heard that the right leg was abnormally furry. in January 1370 the same priest was delivering the baby. As it was winter mary insisted on giving birth in her kitchen in front of her oven. There are two conflicting stories of what ensued, Mary claims that the priest saw the rabbit leg on the baby, damned it for being a devil child and threw it in the oven. The priest claims that the baby was distraught after realising that it had a rabbits leg and became suicidal, breaking free of its mothers arms it threw itself into the oven. Either way, this gave birth to the phrase, "bun in the oven".

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