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Earliest Usenet uses via Google Groups:

  • jargon: fa.human-nets - 05/14/81 03:57:15 by PHOTOG
    As one of few (if not the only) tandem computers software development people on the net, I am curious as to your comment about running a nonstop-pair (the formal jargon) with each process in a different node of a network.
  • jargonish: net.nlang - Sep 14 1983, 9:36 am by r
    This is especially true of technical jargon, and I believe the term "hacker" is about as jargonish as you can get.
  • jargony: net.mail - Feb 6 1984, 8:53 pm by h
    for example, domainists talk about a domain registry, doing name serving or some other jargony thing.
  • jargonistic: fa.poli-sci - Tue, 30 Oct 84 10:04:56 pst by upstill%ucbdegas
    In the corridors of power, the reality of national death is masked behind jargonistic dialogues about megatonnage, throw weight, kill probabilities.
  • jargons: net.nlang - Dec 12 1984, 11:10 am by John Chambers
    There are jargons, with which we are all familiar; some (such as modern mathematics) practically become new languages in their own right.
  • de-jargonize: mod.risks - Sep 28 1986, 10:53 pm by RISKS FORUM, Peter G. Neumann -- Coordinator
    Had Brian made slightly less attempt to de-jargonize his original posting and said ".rhosts" instead of "permission files", which could refer to quite a few different things ina BSD system, I would have taken a different impression of his complaint away from that original posting.
  • jargonising: - Jun 9 1987, 3:26 am by D
    To be sure, all of human activity is constantly capable of generating new words, and new uses for old words (radical! barf! hack! bug!) - but this alone does not justify the "jargonising" of debate.
  • jargonized: - Jul 13 1989, 8:59 am by Rick 'Transputer' Stein
    Its more or less like DoD-2167, but scaled for commercial applications and less "jargonized."
  • jargon's (jargon is): rec.arts.poems - Dec 14 1989, 4:18 pm by Jeff Gortatowsky CUST
    Rules are required in any game / we need but one, no jargon's to tame / all work must be original, simple right?
  • Jargonauts: comp.object - Apr 14 1991, 10:43 pm by Scott Guthery
    Sorry, Jargonauts, a syntax change is not a paradigm shift.
  • jargonaut: rec.arts.books - Oct 5 1991, 4:45 am by John Costello
    I'm also sick and tired of "verbing" and its vile little jargonaut children.
  • jargonizing: alt.usage.english - Feb 18 1992, 12:37 pm by Daniel Rosenblum
    Actually, Caucasian is jargonizing, but of a particular historical sort.
  • jargonistically: bit.listserv.cinema-l - Mar 19 1992, 12:20 pm by Michael Bruce McDonald
    Less jargonistically, the mosquito *is* the materiality which *must* be confronted *intellectually* precisely because it *refuses to go away*, just like *Barton Fink*, just like those of us who think it's OK to enjoy intellectual discussions on this list.
  • jargonised: talk.politics.guns - Apr 22 1992, 9:05 pm by Susan McDonald
    However it seems only in America that people ASSUME that when someone says something that it automatically equates to their jargonised view of what they believe it to mean.
  • jargonize: alt.postmodern - Jul 6 1992, 5:20 am by James Alexander Chokey
    As a graduate student, I can feel the pressure/temptation to jargonize my own writing-- to say in more complex and technical language things that I can say (without, IMHO, losing any conceptual subtlety) in a much simpler manner.
  • jargonization: soc.culture.usa - Apr 11 1993, 2:25 am by Corey Turner
    Now there is a trend is society, past and certainly present, towards jargonization.
  • jargonlike: - Nov 16 1993, 1:37 am by Joshua A Laff
    Ray called them "mug shots" in a more jargonlike than cynical way.
  • jargon's (jargon has): comp.sys.amiga.programmer - Aug 29 1994, 9:12 am by Scott Stanchfield
    The jargon's changed (mostly grown) and priorities have changed.
  • jargonisation: sci.geo.geology - Nov 1 1994, 2:56 am by Dennis Waddington
    Such crimes of "jargonisation" are not just restricted to us geologists.
  • net-jargon's (incorrect plural): - Oct 20 1994, 11:01 pm by mgmt
    And while I'm at it all those other little net-jargon's you all use?
  • jargon's: alt.postmodern - May 19 1996, 9:00 am by Russell Turpin
    ... they revel in jargon seemingly for jargon's sake (can we yet have an explanation in this newsgroup of phallocentric?) ...
  • jargonise: alt.politics.radical-left - Oct 28 1996, 10:26 am by n
    While the pan-nationalist Gerry Adams continues to jargonise and waffle on about "all-inclusive talks for a real process of negotiation" as he attempts to induce a state of somnambulism (sleep-walking) ...
  • jargonizers: alt.zines - Jun 8 1998, 3:35 pm by MarciaMan
    Put them in their place. The liars, bigshots, mumblers, middlemen, jargonizers, experts, tithe-takers.
  • Jargonizer: - Oct 10 1998, 7:04 am by Edward(Ed) J. Finnell,III
    The two buzzwords(think the Jargonizer is switched off this morning) are 711 and 511 enabled.
  • jargoniser (French): fr.rec.bateaux - Oct 23 1998, 5:08 am by Jean-Francois Garmy
    Pour résumer : - parler en km pour ne pas "'jargoniser" (voire frimer) devant des passagers ou des néophytes : OUI !
  • Jar-jargoniser: - Jul 8 1999, 2:10 pm by furplay
    Thanks to the wonders of the "Jar-jargoniser" (, here's that Xtian review of our fave movie, Gungan style:
  • jargoniser: alt.english.usage - Apr 14 2000, 1:55 am by stij
    If there's an 'enemy' of any language it's the jargoniser.
  • jargonically: - Jul 9 2000, 4:19 am by Kerry A. Shirts
    Don't show me squiggles and all this mathematical and scientific jargonically discussed tripe.
  • jargonical: alt.lang.asm - Sep 3 2002, 3:37 am by lodsb
    I seriously wish that they didn't try to act snazzy and cool by coming up with a bunch of jargonical nonsense!
  • jargonisers: alt.lang.asm - Sep 7 2002, 3:17 am by Beth
    ... but there is an underlying serious point that people always go towards the jargonisers, as the use of jargon gives the impression that they must know more than someone who speaks plain English about things ...

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