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Quoth WP: Euphorbia tithymaloides has a large number of household names used by gardeners and the public. Among them are buck-thorn, Christmas Candle, Devil's Backbone, Fiddle Flower, ipecacuahana, Japanese Poinsettia, Jew's Slipper, Milk-Hedge, Myrtle-Leaved Spurge, Padus-Leaved Clipper Plant, Red Slipper Spurge, Redbird Cactus, Redbird Flower, Slipper Flower, Slipper Plant, Slipper Spurge, timora misha, and Zig-Zag Plant.[1][2][3] In other parts of the world, it is known as gin-ryu (Japan); pokok lipan and penawar lipan (Indonesia); airi, baire, and agia (India); aperejo (Yoruba); sapatinho do diablo (Brazil); itamo real (Puerto Rico); pantoufle (France); and zapatilla del diablo (Mexico).[4][5]

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